Why Source Four?

We are driven by the belief that, as a rep group, we should add value—a lot of value—to the designers, dealers, and the clients we serve. While we represent only the most respected, most innovative commercial furniture lines, we also offer tremendous knowledge, design savvy and technical expertise. No other rep group delivers such a wide range of technical and support services.

At Source Four, we take care of everything including detail specifications, documentation and team support all the way through punch.

The value-added services we offer include:

1. Specification Services

We’re a bit obsessive about precise specifications. But that’s only because we’ve seen time and again how starting out from a comprehensive design/build perspective is the key to success. On the other hand, loosely defined specs usually result in problems, delays and blown budgets. Verification that every element and every measurement is precisely defined and integrated with all others is the hallmark of Source Four’s involvement in a project.

2. Renderings and Floor Plans

Our in-house design staff can create stunning, photorealistic representations that bring your designs to life for the client. Using actual materials, paint colors and furniture choices, these beautiful renderings and detailed floor plans help the client make decisions while also helping all stakeholders share in a common vision.

3. Product Sampling

From fabric samples to chairs for comparing seating options, we give your clients the opportunity to experience first-hand the products you select.

4. Bid Package Documentation

You didn’t go to design school just to end up spending hours preparing bid documentation. We’re here to help. We do the heavy lifting of verifying specifications and integration of all the elements of a project, as well as pull together documentation on quality standards, warranties, sustainability and contract terms.

5. Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

We believe that we owe it to our clients to look beyond beautifully designed furniture and analyze the total cost of ownership of the products we represent and how they will be used. Exploring everything from quality standards, warranties, configurability and sustainability, we can help you compare options in furniture selection based on their long-term costs. We don’t look just at initial price, but the value delivered over the lifetime of the products we represent. Future-proofing, flexibility, performance, attraction and retention are all integral to the total cost of ownership.

6. Managing the Manufacturing Process

We’ve overseen more successful interior design projects than we can count. We know what it takes to keep your project on time and on budget. The key is precise specification at the time of order entry, managing the factory process with materials, and handling the freight and delivery logistics—all to stay on the fast track of installing your project on time and with no surprises.

About Source Four

Source Four has been providing commercial furniture products to designers, architects, space planners and others since 1983. We deliver value through our greatest assets: our people, our manufacturers and our proprietary technology.

We help clients create returns on their commercial furniture investment by discovering their priorities, offering intelligent options, and overseeing logistics. We thrive on trusted relationships with clients serving as their partner and advocate. We have a penchant for speed and accuracy in order to maintain critical deadlines and keep projects on budget. When we ask our clients, “What do you value most about Source Four?” their answer consistently reflects three things: Speed, Accuracy, and Reliability.