Education Portfolio

From elementary schools to university campuses, student outcomes improve with the dynamic integration of space planning, interior design and innovative furnishings. The result is an environment that fosters both individual learning and group collaboration. The increasing and evolving role of technology also requires a thoughtful approach to design and furniture selection in order to address the needs of today and anticipate the needs of tomorrow. Source Four, along with the designers we serve, has helped create many exciting new learning spaces throughout the region.

Nex+Gen Academy

• Designed around a unique group learning model
• Budget-minded creativity in product selection
• Large, open classrooms called “Learning Studios"
• Versatile, flexible and mobile classrooms
• izzy+ Jack tables, Hannah chairs, Dewey lecterns
• HAG Wing chairs
• Albuquerque New Mexico

Santa Fe Indian School

• Classroom and lecture halls
• Need for comfort, design and durability
• izzy+ Hannah and Leland Slam chairs
• Santa Fe, New Mexico

University of Wyoming COE Library

• Expansion and renovation project
• Integration of multiple manufacturers
• izzy+, Harter, Fixtures Furniture, Arcadia
• Loewenstein, Carolina, Maxon
• Laramie, Wyoming

University of Wyoming Visual Arts Center

• Mix of office, classroom, and diverse studios
• HAG seating, izzy+, Arcadia, OFS Brands, and others
• The goal of fostering culture and stimulating creativity
• Laramie, Wyoming

Marian H. Rochelle Gateway Center

• The "front door" for the University of Wyoming
• Blend of modern and timeless aesthetic
• Designed to evoke tradition and reflect hospitality
• OFS Brands including OFS, Carolina, Loewenstein
• Arcadia, izzy+, Encore, Stinson Textiles
• Laramie, Wyoming

University of Wyoming College of Business

• Furnishings for education, common and collaborative spaces
• Student-centered focus for unique business education objectives
• Networked trading room, interview skills facility, boardroom
• OFS, Carolina and Arcadia
• Laramie, Wyoming

University of Wyoming Berry Center

• Biodiversity Conservation Center
• Laramie, Wyoming