Corporate Portfolio

The planning, design and furnishing of a corporate workspace is equal parts art and science. Taking into account everything from workflow and ergonomics to re-configurability and total cost of ownership, the right interior elements come together to create a place where employees are comfortable and productive. Interior design has been shown to improve employee job satisfaction and longevity, and also contribute to a company’s recruiting objectives. Please enjoy perusing this portfolio of corporate interior design projects we’ve helped to furnish.

Enterprise Coworking

• Located in Denver's RiNo district
• Create a workspace that allows entrepreneurs to come together and
reach their potential
• Designed to support a collaborative environment with a variety of
work styles
• OFS Brands and Arcadia
• Denver, Colorado

Gusto Payroll

• Located off of Denver's 16th Street Mall
• Gusto provides payroll, benefits and HR to modern companies
• Supports Gusto's culture and mission—create a world where work
empowers a better life.
• OFS Brands, Leland, and Arcadia
• Denver, Colorado


• Online Marketing Company
• Call center services featuring 220 stations
• Environment supports Clearlink's culture and work styles
• Benching and lounge seating create high performance space
• OFS, First Office, Loewenstein and Highmark
• Salt Lake City, Utah


• Crossover benching provides ample storage and workspace
• First Office—Staks
• Salt Lake City, Utah


• Previously Standardized on OFS Brands
• Goal was to leverage current furniture investment
• Re-sized work surfaces using existing product
• Scaled offices to meet function, budget and aesthetics
• Lakewood, Colorado

Ardent Mills

• Three floors of 120-degree STAKS benching
• Increased work surface, natural light and collaboration
• Private office configured to double as conference room
• Denver, Colorado


• Goal: Reinforce brand through interior design and furniture
• Integration by Source Four of multiple manufacturers
• OFS, First Office, Carolina and Loewenstein
• Salt Lake City, Utah

Moreton & Company

• Goal: Transition form traditional to open plan
• STAKS crossover case goods selected
• Professional wood look with open plan performance
• The private offices by STAKS
• High-end look yet value sensitive
• Salt Lake City, Utah

Landmark Home Warranty

• 180 frameless glass workstations
• Light, open environment focused on employees
• Utilized OFS brands and Maxon products
• Large employee lounge using Lowenstein benches and tables
• South Jordan, Utah

Primary Residential Mortgage

• Move to a contemporary building necessitated re-design
• Designed to reflect the calibre of their top-tier employees
• Aesthetics focused on welcoming premium clientele
• Maxon System Furniture and OFS Brands
• Phoenix, Arizona