Find Inspiration and Ideas From Our Collection of Recent Projects

A successful interior design project brings together the talent and resources of multiple players. It all begins with the designer’s vision for a new interior environment or for revitalizing an existing space. Then, from that vision comes the work of selecting the right furniture to work with the other design elements that make up the new space. Source Four serves as a dedicated partner in bringing projects to life throughout the region, providing everything from bid documentation and total cost of ownership analysis to renderings and floor plans. We provide precise review of all specifications to assure the successful integration of all the elements that make up a new project. To us, the beauty resides as much in the unseen technical details as it does in visually stunning interior design.

The design of workspaces and other interior environments are about more than just aesthetics. A well-planned space, such as those profiled in our Project Portfolio, can contribute to employee morale and customer satisfaction. In healthcare and educational environments, furniture selection can support the healing, and nurturing processes that take place within their respective spaces.

Corporate Portfolio

The planning, design and furnishing of a corporate workspace is equal parts art and science. Taking into account everything from workflow and ergonomics to re-configurability and total cost of ownership, the right interior elements come together to create a place where employees are comfortable and productive.

Healthcare Portfolio

Interior design for healthcare facilities has been a specialization of Source Four for many years. The unique requirements of a functional, therapeutic environment have been united with a design sensitivity that contributes to the relationships that define a healing community.

Education Portfolio

From elementary schools to university campuses, student outcomes improve with the dynamic integration of space planning, interior design and innovative furnishings. The result is an environment that fosters both individual learning and group collaboration.

Hospitality Portfolio

Design and furniture selection are crucial to creating memorable guest experiences. Hospitality spaces can reinforce a hotel or restaurant’s brand while welcoming guests with great artistry. Hospitality space planning must take into account a wide range of priorities from traffic flow to sustainability.