With decades of polyurethane craftsmanship behind them, Ultrafabrics is reshaping the world of leather-free performance fabrics – one surface at a time. Their proprietary Takumi™ Technology makes up the DNA of every roll leaving our mill. Continually perfected, Takumi is the only process able to achieve the premium quality of Ultrafabrics. When it comes to our solutions, Ultrafabrics imbues the boldest innovations and engineering into all of our fabrics. With research and experimentation, we’re advancing what’s possible. We create premium, unrivaled technologies that provide ultimate performance across all markets providing abrasion plus, antimicrobial, breathable, ink and stain resistant, and outdoor solutions.

Address: 303 South Broadway | Suite 201 | Tarrytown, NY 10591

Website: www.ultrafabricsinc.com

Orders: souf@ultrafabrics.com

Freight: Freight charges are case by case. Email custsvr@ultrafabricsinc.com for estimates.

Samples: Available for order online or by e-mailing slamp@sourcefour.com