OFS is driven to meet the everyday needs of customers worldwide, to anticipate their aspirations and to respond creatively and competitively with products and services that meet client expectations for business, healthcare, hospitality and education. OFS Brands furniture is comfortable, affordable and personally satisfying. OFS specializes in desking, meeting, tables and seating—furniture built to feel good.

OFS Brands has four operating brand divisions—OFS, Carolina Furniture, First Office and Loewenstein.

Address: OFS | 1204 East 6th Street | P.O. Box 100 | Huntington, IN 47542

Website: ofs.com

Customer Service: Cody Thornton | 800.521.5381 x7296 | cthornton@ofsbrands.com

Orders: order_entry@ofsbrands.com

Freight: Landed over $1,500 net or a $100 net fee.

Warranty: OFS Warranty

COM: COM SHIP TO October 2018