Hank Loewenstein founded Loewenstein in 1966 as an organization “that cares about our customer, employees and the environment.” Loewenstein’s long-term success is built on bringing innovative European design to the North American contract markets with proper scale, comfort and engineering. The design collections offered to the interior design community consist of true multi-purpose furniture with strong value price points. Backed by progressive management, and a highly skilled factory and support team, Loewenstein consistently delivers on its commitment to quality, service and dependability.

Address: Loewenstein | 1204 East 6th Street | P.O. Box 100 | Huntington, IN 47542

Website: loewensteininc.com

Customer Service: Cody Thornton | 800.521.5381 x7296 | cthornton@ofsbrands.com

Orders: order_entry@ofsbrands.com

Freight: Landed over $1,500 net or a $100 net fee.

Warranty: Loewenstein Warranty

COM: COM SHIP TO October 2018